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Classic M.P.

This blend, created by the founder Massimo Pedron, lends itself well to any type of extraction. Five different kinds of natural Arabica coffees combined with the most prestigious Robusta coffee from the island of Java. Strong notes of cocoa and almond emerge from the mellow and wonderfully cream body, together with a restrained acidity.

Grand Cru

The ultimate selection, completed after 4 years of research in the field. Produced in limited quantities, it is far removed from the usual conception of Arabica coffee blends. Superlatively creamy, its scent hints of dried fruit and roasted hazelnuts. The plate displays strong scents of buttery shortbread, roasted almond and honey, with almost no acidity. Full body, is sweet and delicate.


A chewy and incredibly creamy body, with strong notes of roasted hazelnut and chocolate truffle, the perfect blend for lover of strong coffee.


The ideal blend for those who like a simple espresso that is easy to extract. Excellent for use in vending machines. Full bodied and creamy every time, while taste offers hints of roasted sandalwood.


A delicate blend for those who love the unmistakable aroma of coffee and are not willing to settle for anything less. Our decaffeinated coffee is obtained through a water process that leaves no chemical residues like most decaffeinated coffees on the market, which are made with dichloromethane.